Reading Geek Night – Tuesday 10th April 2018

You can find us upstairs: The Walkabout: Wiston Terrace (off Friar Street) Reading RG1 1DG **NB The venue is licensed for 18 and over **

Theme: Blockchain & the Crypto Revolution

  • 8:00pm Welcome and Introductions
  • 8:05pm How to build a Blockchain (Stuart Ward)
  • 8:35pm Networking & beers
  • 9:00pm Short announcements/updates*
  • 9:05pm Bitcoin and the Crypto Revolution (Ant Parker – Cuberoot64 Ltd )
  • 9:35pm End (Networking and beers downstairs)

Additional Info:

How to build a Blockchain

Stuart will go through the elements of a blockchain and how it uses hash functions, merkel trees, and digital signatures to create the trustless network that powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We will also look at the technical limitations and some of the alternative approaches.

Bitcoin and the Crypto Revolution

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple – all types of crypto currency causing waves in the IT industry. Bitcoin, built on the ‘blockchain’ since 2009, has revolutionised how we view the future of money all around the world. However, blockchain is not all that it seems – it could bring a far bigger technological revolution to the IT industry as many are wondering where this could lead.

In this talk we will venture down the crypto rabbit hole and discuss the future of blockchains (or Distributed Ledger Technologies as they are also known), how they may revolutionise future corporations and users, why blockchains use crypto currency and how you would purchase, trade and sell them. We’ll give you the insight into researching blockchain coins/tokens, touch the methods of mining, delve into some of the scams in this pre-regulated market, where you need to be careful and what this means for each of us in the IT industry.


Anthony Parker has spent over 18 years as a consultant in the IT industry, setting up Cuberoot64 Ltd in 2018 after completing an MBA at Henley to improve business agility through relationships. Concentrating on digital transformation, engagement and collaboration for corporate clients, Cuberoot64 also strategically advise companies on blockchain implementation, smart contracts and building project teams.


Usual format is to gather from 7:30pm and commence the talks at 8:00pm. Talks are ~20mins + Q&A with a break of 20mins for networking and beer.

*Before the second session there is an opportunity for any short announcements so please let us know on the night if you would like a slot or 1-2mins.

FYI: BCS (Berkshire) Social Tech Group meet up (7PM) before our talks. Its a great opportunity for food, drinks, networking and discussions about IT technology, business and advice.

Look forward to seeing you there!

If you are interested in giving a talk at an upcoming event please contact us via twitter: @RDGGeekNight, Facebook or email us: talks [at]

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